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Police Arrest 2 Perpetrators of Murder of SMAN 7 Bogor Students

Police Arrest 2 Perpetrators of Murder of SMAN 7 Bogor Students

The police arrested two suspects with the initials RA (18) and ML (17) who are suspected of being the perpetrators of the murder of students at SMAN 7 Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (6/10) night.


The Head of Bogor City Police, Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Yogo, said that the suspects allegedly stabbed the victim with the initials RM because of conflicts and grudges between groups.

“The perpetrator is revenge because he has experienced physical violence by a group of victims,” ​​said Susatyo in a written statement, Friday (8/10). As a result, he said, the victim then slashed a sickle towards the victim’s chest until it was covered in blood and then died. The incident occurred in front of the gate of SMAN 7 Bogor.

murder sman 7 bogor

Susatyo said that the family first knew that the victim had been hacked by an unknown person. The information was obtained by the family of the victim’s friend.

“Friends of the victim who came to the reporter’s house, that the victim had an accident, and friends of the victim were advised that the reporter see the victim’s condition directly at the TKP [the crime scene],” said Susatyo.

The victim’s family who arrived at the scene later found that their child was dead and was about to be taken into an ambulance and then taken to the Ciawi Hospital.

“Due to the [violent] incident, the victim suffered burns to the head and back of the back,” said Susatyo.

Then the murder of the SMAN 7 Bogor student was reported as a victim to the police, and an investigation was immediately carried out.

From the results of the investigation, it is known that the suspects in the murder of the SMAN 7 Bogor students were at RM’s house in the Tanah Baru area.

After conducting a search, the police found a sickle in the bag belonging to the suspect RA. Investigators carried out developments and found the role of another suspect who was later arrested in the North Bogor area.

For the murder of the student at SMAN 7 Bogor, the suspect was charged with Article 76 C in conjunction with Article 80 paragraph (1), (3) of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning amendments to the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection.

Source : Voice Indonesia

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